Bathroom Tapware Trends

Over the last few years we’ve seen an introduction of different colours, textures and styles of tap ware into the market. Clients often like the look of these new trends but have concerns that they may dated quickly. Taps are easy to change out and can be relatively inexpensive if chosen wisely, making them a good option if you want to make a statement in your bathroom.

Wall Mounted Taps

Vanity taps don’t have to come direct out of the vanity top. Wall mounted taps create a new level of style and elegance. They come in all different shapes, sizes and colours with or without backing plates to give you the exact style that you’re after.

Warm Colours

There has been an increase in demand for your warm colour tap ware including brass, gold and copper. These colours can add a touch of class, create a heritage feel and provide warmth to a cool colour palate.

Brushed Finish

A brushed finish enables you to add a touch of colour, with out the boldness of a highly polished finish. It mutes down the gold or brass finishes to create a nice subtle hue.

Matte Black

Black has proven to be a popular colour trend for the last few years and it looks like it’s hear to stay. A high quality matte black tap will reduce water marks and finger prints so it’s worth investing a little bit more.


The newest trend on the market is textured or patterned tap ware. This adds a playful nature to the tap ware, giving it its own unique styling. There are many different textures and patterns available in a wide variety of colours to suit your tastes.

There is so much variety available in tap ware today and careful consideration should be taken into choosing what you want and like. Long gone are the days of chrome taps being a staple in every bathroom. Create a point of difference in your new bathroom and give all your friends tap envy.

Not sure what to choose or where to look, get in contact with us at Inka Interiors to help you with your design needs.

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