Don't Forget the Bathroom Lighting!

Often when people are designing a bathroom, they forget to include or simply overlook the importance of lighting. When renovating a bathroom, tiles and tapware are the main focus, however, the end result won’t look good if there is a single incandescent globe in the centre of the ceiling.

In a bathroom, it is important to have natural light, general lighting, task lighting and accent lighting to help create a calming and relaxing mood, general illumination as well as enable the face to clearly be seen when standing in front of the mirror. Without proper lighting, standing in a poorly lit bathroom isn’t the best way to start your day.

Natural Lighting

This is the best source of lighting for a bathroom but can be difficult to allow a lot in due to privacy. Frosted windows or skylights in the ceiling can allow plenty of light to be let into space while maintaining privacy.

General Lighting

This includes downlights and lights in your heater/light/fan combo. These are important for creating general lighting in the space for low light days or night time where there is limited natural light available.

Accent Lighting

This is where your bathroom can really come to life. Lighting such as a pendant light next to a vanity, strip lighting in a shower niche or under a vanity can create a relaxed and peaceful space and highlight feature areas of your room. These can really make an average bathroom look wonderful.

Task Lighting

This type of lighting is important around the mirror. It is important to have good lighting when applying makeup or shaving. This lighting can include wall sconces mounted either side of the mirror, a mirror light above the mirror and becoming more popular are the smart mirror with lighting built-in. Downlights positioned directly above vanities aren’t recommended as they can create unflattering shadows on your face. Adding other items in such as multiple switches for different zones in the bathroom or incorporating dimmers on switches can add an additional layer to the lighting in the bathroom.

Looking for help on bathroom lighting and want to talk to a designer, don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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