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How much does a new kitchen cost? An insiders guide to help you manage your budget.

Updated: Jul 11

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What should I budget for a new kitchen?

Asking this question to your designer is a bit like asking “how long is a piece of string?” There isn’t a simple way to answer this question, however, I hope to provide some guidance to help you find an answer to this million dollar question. I mean, I haven't been designing kitchens for all these years without a good idea of what it costs.

There are many factors that impact the cost of your new kitchen, include the finishes, design styles, size and appliances you choose. Items like hardware, splash backs and even the type of sink can significantly increase or reduce the cost. I've given you some details below, I know it may be a bit "wordy", but hear me out, there is a bit to explain.

First things first, your cabinetry.Melamine is your cheapest option for cabinetry doors and drawer fronts. 2pac painted doors, what you typically find in a Hampton kitchen at the opposite end of the price scale to melamine and can add several thousands to your kitchen, but of course, not as expensive as solid timber. Thermo-laminate is cheaper option for your Hamptons look with a profile door, however I’ve seen great variance in its quality and it can be a short lived product, so I don't usually recommend it.

Next we have bench tops. Laminate is your cheapest option hands down. Next we have Engineered Stone, unfortunately, it's not just as simple as that. Engineered stone across the different brands have many different ranges and can vary in cost greatly. 20mm engineered is of course much cheaper than your 40mm mitred edge benchtop. Then we have the various ranges, starting in the essential or builders range as your cheapest option with a more speckled look, through to your concrete looks or vivid whites in the middle ranges and at the top price point is your marble look. Porcelain slabs, solid surface and timber bench tops are more expensive again from high end your engineered stone.

New kitchen price guide

Sleek and minimalist kitchens unfortunately don't translate to a cheaper kitchen. To manufacture a kitchen without handles can be more time consuming for the cabinet maker with the hidden details. Budget handles can start from $5 each and go up from there. $50 handles aren’t uncommon in a kitchen and I have often seen them up over the $100 for your pantry size handles.

Appliances can make a significant difference to the overall price of your kitchen. You can get budget appliance packages starting from $800 for a 60cm cooktop, range hood and oven, but I must stress, these are budget. There is no such thing as a cheap and quiet rangehood that works effectively. My friend refers to his rangehood as his "noisy light" and I think that is a very accurate description of its functionality. A reputable brand appliance package start around $1,800, depending of the functions and size of your appliances. Upgrading to an induction cooktop can cost an additional few thousand for an electrician to upgrade circuits if required and the same for adding in a gas if it isn’t already available.

Splash backs are another factor to consider but often forgotten. Tiles are the cheapest option, being cost effective and easy to install. Even if you pick a fancy mosaic, they're usually only a few square metres of tiles so are relatively inexpensive. Then next up we have glass splash backs. These are a great option as there is no grout to clean and if you are chasing a modern look. Engineered stone can be used as a splash back only if you have an electric or induction cooktop as it is flammable. It is of course more expensive than glass and requires a slightly deeper bench top. Porcelain slabs are becoming quite popular as a splash back and but can be quite pricey too.

New kitchen cost guide

Have I left you even more confused about the cost of a new kitchen than before you started reading? Hopefully not, but don't panic, I know what you've come here for, so I've got some answers for you for the most common types of kitchens I design.

  • A basic kitchen with laminate bench tops, melamine doors, handles, tiled splash back and a budget appliance package. Start from $20,000* for supply and installation.

  • Sleek and minimalist kitchen, with mid range 20mm engineered stone bench, glass splash back, no handles, finished in a couple of different decorative melamine finishes with mid range appliances. $32,000* as a ballpark starting price for supply and installation.

  • A Hamptons style kitchen, with 40mm marble look engineered stone bench top, 2pac profile doors, decorative handles, porcelain splash back and large freestanding oven/cooktop. $45,000* would be a good starting point for supply and installation.

*Please note these prices are intended as a guide only.

Thanks for sticking with me to this point, if you're still here. I know it was a bit wordy but as you now know, there is no simple answer to the cost of a new kitchen. The only true way to determine the cost of your new kitchen, is to engage an interior designer who can work with you to design something for you that is in your price point and best guide you on how to achieve the look that you are after within your budget.

If you would like to ask me anything about your new kitchen costs or would like to find about how I can work with you and within your budget to achieve your dream kitchen, don't hesitate to reach out for a no obligations chat. I'd love to hear about your dream.

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