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Myths & Facts of Renovating

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What to know before you renovate
Renovating Truths; What builders don't tell you

I regularly chat with a clients and industry professional about renovating homes, the cost of renovations and the best way to do it. There seems to be a number of common myths that regularly come up in these conversations. I just want to bust some of these myths to help you focus on your renovation being a success.

Myth: My bathroom is only small, it won’t cost much to renovate.

Fact: Small and large bathrooms usually have the same number of toilets, showers, vanities and baths and all require the same number of trades so are similar in costs per square metre.

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Why renovate my bathroom

Myth: Cheap products will save me a lot on the overall cost of the bathroom renovation.

Fact: Roughly 75% of bathroom renovation costs are in the trades. These trades include electricians, plumbers, water proofers, tilers, plasterers, carpenters and labourers. Buying cheap products has minimal impact on the overall cost, however can cost you when these cheaper and often inferior products have to be replaced.

Myth: I don’t need a designer, I can save money by doing the design myself

Fact: Interior designers have a trained eye and save you money by avoiding costly mistakes, keeping you on track for your budget and can offer excellent trade discounts not available to the general public. A well designed space increases the overall value of your home.

Myth: Minimalist look is a cheap look to achieve.

Fact: To achieve a minimalist look the build needs to be precise as it has immense detail and meticulous attention to detail is required. This requires additional time by trades to ensure that finish is precise and additional costs for handleless cabinetry.

Myth: I can do it cheaper if I manage the work myself.

Fact: In Queensland you must be registered as an owner builder through QBCC and the work is not covered under insurance if you do it yourself. Hiring a trained professional to manage your renovation ensures that it complies with all relevant building code, the correct trades are used and they submit the correct certificates upon completion, and most importantly, the work is insured for 7 years in case something goes wrong.

Have you heard of any other myths, or still not convinced about the facts? Have these facts got you thinking more about your renovation or you’re not sure where to start? Head over to our website and get in contact with us to discuss how I can help you with your project.

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