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How much does a new bathroom cost? Tips to help you save.

Updated: Aug 5

How much does a bathroom cost?

Bathrooms can be a tricky little room to put a price tag on. I wish I could give you an answer with the click of my fingers, but unfortunately it's not that simple. I hope to provide you with information to help guide you in the direction of an answer to your big question; how much does a new bathroom cost?

The most important thing I should start with is bathrooms are heavily regulated when it comes to qualified tradespeople doing the work. Here in Queensland, make sure that your renovation is been undertaken by a QBCC licensed builder and they provide you with an insurance policy and their license details before they commence work. Other states, its recommend you check with your local building authorities the requirements. Otherwise you could be left with a real disaster on your hands.

What doesn't really impact the cost of a new bathroom?

While bathrooms may be the smallest room in the house, they are certainly the most labour intensive space when it comes to renovating. In a bathroom renovation, there will be on average 7-8 different trades engaged to complete the work. Builder, carpenter, plasterer, waterproofer, plumber, electrician, tiler and cabinet maker. Trades alone can cost upwards of $18,000. No matter if you choose the cheapest taps available or the most expensive, it still cost the same for the plumber to install them.

Trades needed for a bathroom

There is the perception that a small bathroom will cost considerably less than a large bathroom to renovate. In most cases, bathrooms all have a vanity, a toilet, shower and a bath, regardless of size of the room. So big or small, there are still similar amounts of fittings and fixtures in the space so the price isn't greatly affected by the size.

So what are the biggest cost influences?

The quality of the fixtures and fittings you choose can have the biggest impact on the cost of your bathroom renovation. Budget tap ware can start at $80 for a basin mixer through to luxury basin mixers that can be several hundreds. Of course coloured tap ware increases the cost too. A budget vanity that comes with a basin moulded into the top can start from a couple of hundred dollars, up to large double vanities in luxury finishes that can cost several thousands.

Now lets talk Tiles. Tiles can significantly influence the price. A small bathroom with wet area wall tiling can around the 10m2 for tiles required. A larger bathroom with full floor to ceiling tiling can be upwards from 18m2. Then tile prices can start from as little as $18 per m2 through to several hundred per m2 and higher for marble or natural stone. Tile selection and layout can add or save you several thousands of dollars on your bathroom renovation costs so I would certainly say these are the biggest influence on the overall cost of your bathroom.

Bathroom cost guide
The million dollar question, how much will my bathroom renovation cost?

So to answer your question on the cost of the bathroom renovation here are some pricing guides based on bathrooms that I have designed recently.

  • Small bathroom, single shower, toilet and budget basin, budget tiles with wet area tiling only, starting from $20,000*

  • Medium bathroom with bath, shower, separate toilet, larger vanity with full floor to ceiling tiles, starting from $28,500*

  • Large bathroom, luxury tapware, double shower and double custom vanity, bath tub with feature tiles floor to ceiling, $40,000* upwards.

*These prices are a guide only.

The best way to determine your bathroom renovation cost is to engage an interior designer. They will know the best way to bring costs down if they are getting a little too high ans specify the products for the space that are in line with your budget. There are many factors in addition to the ones discussed above that can influence the cost of your new bathroom so engaging an interior designer to assist can actually save you money in the long run.

I hope this has given you a good starting point to work out your budget or to help you understand how much you're looking to invest in your new bathroom. If you're still not sure, please feel free to get in contact with us and we'll be more than happy to have a chat.

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