Why now IS the right time to engage a designer on your renovation project.

There is a lot of uncertainty around the world at the moment with the COVID-19 virus. With this a lot of people are putting their renovation projects on hold in order to ride out these uncertain times. However, now is a great time to commence the early stages of your renovation project with your designer and family.

Design can be done remotely with minimal exposure.

The majority of design work is done on a computer, such as drawing up plans, 3D imaging and compiling specifications. Therefore there needs to be no face to face contact with anyone outside of your home. Engaging a designer who has specific industry contacts ensures that they can source all the products you need without having to set foot into a shop. Selecting products such as tiles, cabinetry colours and bench top finishes, are still easily done. Supplier reps are still working hard behind the scenes with designers and are providing services to deliver samples safely to the door. By engaging a designer to commence the design process, you are able to have product samples, plans, imaging and the like delivered to you with no direct contact. Design meetings with your designer can be held via phone or Skype to ensure that you end up with the perfect design.

Creates a sense of normality and gives you something positive to focus on.

With the reporting in the media on the current state of the country and world, due to the COVID-19 virus, it is difficult to stay positive in these times. However, it is very important that we all focus on the positive aspects of our lives and give ourselves and our families something to look forward to in the future. Engaging a designer can start to make your dreams of a wonderful bathroom, kitchen, laundry or whole home design, become a reality. Working towards a new design creates something positive in your life, something to look forward to and the interaction with your designer is another way to stay connected with the outside world.

Ready to go once everything returns to normal.

While we are currently exercising social distancing and self-isolating practices, a lot of people are uncomfortable with the idea of tradespeople coming in and out of your home. However, if you engage a designer to commence the design of your renovation now, once society returns to normal you will be ready to hit the ground running with your brand new design. Products coming from overseas, such as Italian tiles, may take longer than the normal 12 weeks, so if you commence the design process early, your tile order can be placed early enabling your project to kick off without any delays once we go back to our day to day lives.

The chance to save money

While the renovation process may be expensive, the design process itself is relatively cheap, so in these uncertain times you won’t be outlaying a large sum of money and you won’t be putting that long awaiting renovation on hold for longer. With sales dropping many supplies for tiles, tap ware and appliances are having sales and reducing costs. This enables you to pick up a bargain, as well as doing your bit for the economy by supporting local businesses. By engaging a designer this can enable you access to some of these great sales prices from suppliers that will help you stick within your renovation budgets easier.

You can’t hide from that old tired kitchen.

With social gatherings cancelled and eating out a thing of the past (for now), we’re being forced to stay in and eat at home. This means that we can no longer hide from the tired old kitchen with broken doors or falling apart drawers any more. Now is the perfect time to re-assess the kitchen, bathroom or any part of your home as you are spending much more time in it and getting a good idea of what doesn’t work and what you would like in the space. This is the best time to start working with a designer as you truly understand what your space really needs. Beginning the design now is the perfect time as you and your family will all be available to engage in the project together without life commitments such as sports or social commitments getting in the way.

With these 5 points you can clearly see why now is an excellent time to look at engaging a designer to commence the early stages your renovation project. It will give you something positive to look forward to in your life, there is the opportunity to save money on your project and you’ll be ready to hit the ground running when we bounce back and life returns to normal. If you are interested in a chat with me or would like to understand how a designer can help you with your renovation project, please get in contact with me today on 0438 308 672 or email on info@inkainteriors.com.au

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