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Why use an Interior Designer?

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You should use a kitchen designer
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As an award winning interior designer, I am often asked why should someone use an interior designer, rather than do the design themselves. With the boom of home renovation reality TV, many people believe that tackling the design of their project is something they can do to save themselves money, (little industry secret, they have a team of designers collaborating with suppliers for months before contestants are even selected). However, choosing to do your own interior design can turn into a costly mistake. Here are some key reasons why it does pay to consult a qualified interior designer for your new build or renovation.

Save Money

Yes, I know it sounds strange, but paying an interior designer will save you money by avoiding costly mistakes such as purchasing the wrong size furniture, incorrect colour schemes that will require a full repaint and clashing tiles. Getting a design that works will also increase the value of your home, so it’s a win-win situation.

Kitchen Renovation Cost, New Kitchen Cost
Budgeting for kitchen renovation

Budget and Planning

Interior designers will ensure that your project doesn't blow out its budget by specifying suitable products that meet your needs and budgets as well as ensuring the scale of works is kept within scope. We help you to achieve that designer look that you see in magazines without the designer price tag.


Interior designers have access to items and services that are not available to the general public, such as trade discounts, special offers, and limited stock items. Ensuring they are able to access exclusive products at the best prices. We always have our trusty reps that can provide us information and recommendations to meet specific design needs that the general public doesn't have easy access to.


Building with Interior Designers
Design and Build

Interior designers know many people in the industry through a strong network so they can recommend suitable tradespeople and suppliers to ensure that your project is successful. They can also hunt down specific items you desire through their network of suppliers.

Trained Eye

Interior designers have been schooled in the industry, often across a number of different fields and are able to tell you immediately if something is not right, rather than wasting hours trying to pinpoint the problem. Interior design is a delicate balance of the design elements and having a trained eye on the job will ensure that you get the ultimate results. Over the years I have designed hundreds of kitchens and bathrooms, so I've learnt a thing or two on what works and what doesn't.

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